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WVWC Style Icon: Ashley George

       Let’s face it: keeping it “together” this far into the semester is a task in and of itself.

       Looking “put together” is another challenge entirely.

       When it comes to term papers, tests, and homework, the task of looking presentable seems nearly impossible.

       Well, this is most definitely not the case for WVWC’s latest style icon, Ashley George.

       The sophomore nursing major is involved in LEAP and serves on the 2014-2015 Judicial Board. She is also a member of Student Senate and NSNA, and works as the Public Relations Director of SNOW. The busy bee also recently became a sister of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority.  

      When Ashley isn’t busy being, well—awesome—she devotes her time to her church, family, friends, and fiancé. In her spare time, she enjoys crocheting, shopping, running, and crafting.

      On top of all that, Ashley still manages to look classic and polished every single day. She really does do it all—and proves that you can, too!   

MS: How would you describe your personal sense of style? 

AG: My personal sense of style says a lot about who I am or how I’m feeling. It’s always bold and brave.


MS: Would you say that you’re a trend-setter or a trend-follower? 

AG: Both.


MS: Where do you usually shop? 

AG: Marshalls, Ralph Lauren, Victoria’s Secret, and Kohl’s


MS: Do you have anyone’s style that you admire (a celebrity, etc.)?

AG: I admire Kate Middleton’s style. She looks fresh, appropriate, and professional.


MS: Do you have any fashion staples that you can’t live without? 

AG: I can’t live without dresses or heels.


MS: Use your own words to define the word “style.” 

AG: Style is being able to tell the world who you are without having to say anything at all. First impressions are important!


MS: How would you say that your style has changed over the years? 

AG: My style has grown up with me to a more sophisticated, classy, and conservative look.


MS: Any tips you’d like to share with your fellow collegiates in regard to style? 

AG: Wear what you feel comfortable, happy, and pretty in. Every woman (and man) deserves to feel like they can conquer the world.


MS: Do you have a “go-to” look, or do you like to change up your wardrobe every now and again? 

AG: My summer go-to look is a summer dress that I can slip into, and my winter go-to look is a sweater and scarf with a pair of boots!


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Maty recently graduated Summa Cum Laude from West Virginia Wesleyan College (WVWC), and she couldn’t be more excited to return to the Her Campus family as a member of the Community Team.  Maty’s passion for writing has guided her through most of her adult life, and it eventually brought her to to the Her Campus Chapter Network as a Style Blogger for Her Campus WVWC. Maty would go on to become Campus Correspondent of her chapter, as well as an intern for Her Campus National and a Chapter Advisor.  Through her different roles at HC, Maty quickly fell in love with the mission and purpose of the Her Campus Chapter Network—and in her new role, Maty has the rare and coveted opportunity to do what she loves on a daily basis by working with a growing network of 360+ college chapters.    When Maty isn’t at the office, she’s usually out exploring, cooking some random recipe she found on Pinterest, or cuddling with her adorable corgi, Winnie.  Follow Maty on Twitter and Instagram !
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