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Women’s Soccer battle in NCAA Regionals

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WVWC chapter.

West Virginia Wesleyan College’s Lady Bobcat Soccer team received good news last week after learning of their qualification into the NCAA Atlantic Regional playoffs.

The Bobcats thought their season ended last Sunday after losing 1-0 to Notre Dame College in the Mountain East Conference championship.

“Losing to Notre Dame in the conference championship was a heartbreaking loss,” said senior, Shae McNamara. “We were under the impression that a bid to the NCAA tournament was out of the question.”

According to McNamara, despite their loss, every member of the Lady Bobcat Soccer team still gathered in small groups to watch the NCAA selection, hopeful that there was still a chance of qualifying.

“It just didn’t feel right that our season was over,” McNamara said. “All of us had hope.”

This hopeful attitude became reality for the coaching staff and team members, however.

 “When I saw our name on the screen I honestly didn’t even believe it,” said McNamara. “It was surreal. It seemed like my soccer career had ended so quickly and then was given back to me just as fast. My last soccer game turned into one more chance at redemption and the opportunity to play in the NCAA tournament with my teammates by my side. My teammates and I were literally shaking with excitement and happiness once we saw our name on the screen.”

Despite their heartbreaking conference loss, Lady Bobcat’s seized the moment as they traveled to East Stroudsburg, Pa. last weekend for the quarter finals of the regional playoffs.

“I think, as a team, we definitely deserve this chance,” McNamara said. “I know that we will absolutely give it our best effort.”

Their best effort is just what they gave. The Lady Bobcat’s beat Notre Dame, advancing to beat East Stroudsburg, thus making it in to the NCAA Sweet Sixteen.

The Lady Bobcat’s will continue their Regional this weekend in hopes of advancing to the Elite Eight and then, the Final Four.

West Virginia Wesleyan College, English Writing and Communications major.