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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WVWC chapter.

Alright ladies, I know that it has been awhile since I have posted anything, but I am back with some new material for you. This one is for my women on the rebound and for the ones considering going on the rebound. Now, this does not mean to go wild crazy and sleep with or date the first man you see. You have to strategize and make sure you get the right man for you, not some sleaze that keeps asking if you have a mirror in your back pocket. Those are the men you have to avoid. Here are a few tips for my women on the rebound.



The Relationship Rebounders:


For my women looking for their next relationship—look for the man who is looking for the same thing as you. Do not be that person that starts dating what some women would consider the man of their dreams and end up breaking his heart, or date the guy that treats you worse than the last guy you dated, hurting you worse than what you already are. Be sure to tell the man what you want up front, that way both of you will not be thrown any curve balls in the future. By doing this, you both will save each other from heartbreak in the end, but who knows maybe this rebound will turn into the thing you need most. You never know, maybe this guy could be the one who shows you how much you are worth.



The Sex Rebounders:


To my ladies looking for fun, I will only lecture you like your momma once. Please, good Lord, make sure that that man wears a condom before you all start doing anything. Practice safe sex! Okay that is the end of my PSA, now to the good stuff. I want you to put on your sexiest outfit, your power lipstick, and that kick ass confidence and walk out that door like the sexy goddess you are. Do not settle for anything less than what you deserve when you are out looking for a mountain to conquer. Put on your sexiest face, and let the eligible men come to you. Your satisfaction matters; do not let them try to convince you to do or say anything that will only be beneficial to them. Like I said, be that sexy and confident goddess you are, and turn those sleaze balls away; you don’t need them and they most certainly don’t deserve what you have to offer. Once you find the right man, you unleash that sexual goddess and leave him begging for more.


Now, this article may not be for everyone. and that is perfectly fine, but I hope that this helps you get through your rebound stage after the breakup. I want all of you ladies to know that you are definitely are worth more than you know even when you are on the rebound. Never forget that.