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Why Every Collegiette Needs a Wanelo Account


The newest craze online since Pinterest has definitely become Wanelo, a shopping site that lets you make boards and save “trending” items you want to these boards, such as shoes, makeup, dresses, jewelry, phone cases, purses, sweatshirts and hair accessories, among many other things.

What sets Wanelo apart from other sites is that each item provides a link for where you can actually purchase the item! To make this site even more addictive, it’s offered on the App Stores for both Android and iPhone, so you can save away at products wherever you are. Like most sites nowadays, you can follow your friends on Wanelo and see what products they’re saving.

When you hold your computer’s cursor over a product, it will show you the item’s price, what retailer it’s from, and give you the option to save it or tag a friend. If you come across a product that your girlfriends or roommate might want, just tag them so they can see for themselves!

However, even with all of this excitement, the best is yet to come. The very best part about Wanelo is that most of the items are fairly inexpensive. (I’ve even found iPhone cases for 3 bucks!) The products are usually from specialty retailers that aren’t as well known as most stores, so they are one of a kind! The items featured are both fun and affordable, so they’re perfect for any college girl trying to spruce up her style.

If you love bargain shopping and being complimented for unique clothes and accessories, Wanelo will be right up your alley!   

Cassandra Stovash is a Fall 2015 graduate of the Sports, Arts & Entertainment Management program at Point Park University. She began involvement with Her Campus as a contributing writer at the WVWC chapter, which sparked her passion for the Her Campus mission, and knew she had to bring it to Point Park University when she transferred there in the fall of 2013. After founding the chapter and serving as its editor-in-chief for a year, she moved up the Her Campus ranks to a Chapter Advisor position that's allowed her to work with 15+ chapters across the United States! Being part of Her Campus provided Cassandra with countless opportunities throughout college such as attending Her Conference and College Fashion Week events in New York City. Her most notable highlight was receiving press access at Vans Warped Tour in 2014 & 2015, where she interviewed artists such as Echosmith, Courage My Love, The Summer Set, and PVRIS. Nowadays, Cassandra is continuing her pursuit of a career in the music industry! To get in contact with her, email [email protected], or follow her on Instagram @cassi_faye. 
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