Valentine, Oh Valentine!

I hate Valentine's Day.


Yes I am one of those bitter people that will be sitting in my living with my cat and tons of discount candy watching netflix. Alone. And no I'm not going to stand on my soapbox and speak of how men suck.

No, this is much deeper then that. It's that time of year where on this specific day we value our significant other a little more than usual. Every Feburary 1st, the life size teddy bears and the red and pink hearts come out to play on the hearts of the haves and the have nots.

But why do we have to have one certain day out of all 365 days of the year to to buy candy, flowers and teddy bears for the ones we love? If you love your significant other, friend, or loved one as much as you say you do. Then you don't need to buy them things just to show you care. If your relationship is solely based on material things then you're doing it wrong.


You show your love by: telling them, you build them up when there down, you make them feel safe, you make them feel comfortable, you laugh with them, and cry with them. You make them feel as if someone deeply and truly cares about them.


You shouldn't have to wait until Feburary 14th to express your love to someone when that should be an everyday feeling. Do it everyday to everyone you love for as long as you can.