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Tre Kerns

Name: Tre Kerns

Year: Junior

Major: Natural Gas & Geophysics

Hometown: Fairmont, WV

Activities: Tre enjoys baseball, outdoors, and lifting.

Relationship Status: Single

Celeb Crush: Olivia Wilde

Turn Ons: Great Personality

Turn Offs: Tre says a girl having her phone in her face 24/7 is a turn off.

Favorite Movie: Shooter

Hidden Talent: “I can play piano,” Tre tells Her Campus WVWC.

Ideal Dream Girl: A girl that’s fun to be around, great smile and personality, likes outdoors, and is supportive.

Ideal Dream Date: Tre says his dream date is an entire day surprising his date with things that she loves.

Dream Job: Professional baseball player

Favorite Place: My campground

Best/Favorite Pick-up Line: Can I take your picture to prove to all of my friends that angels do exist?

Tre is single ladies! Look out for him on campus!

Campus Celebrity Columnist for WVWC
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