Six Tips for Beginning (and Continuing) Morning Work Outs

What person chooses to get up at seven in the morning and subject themselves to the breaking down of muscles combined with a day full of work and possibly even stairs? They can’t be human, right? Well, I have news for you! I’ve been breaking a sweat at the break of dawn for a while now, and I’ve learned a few things to make it easier for me to keep on track (even though we all need a break now and then)! Here are six tips that may lead to an easier beginning (and continuance) of a morning workout:


1. Rest Means You Can Do Your Best!

I’ve learned quickly that my chances of rising from slumber are much lower when I don’t make it to bed before midnight. I need at last six and a half hours of sleep. Life can get a little hectic, especially for college-goers, and soon enough, you’ll find that its eleven PM and you’re glued to that comfy library chair at the quietest part of the night. Trust me, I understand, it’s an ethereal experience that’s hard to leave.

This is where scheduling and time management come in handy. My rule is that I get two cheat days a week (this doesn’t really pertain to diet, just sleep), because rest will help the body recuperate! Use your cheat days after a long study sesh or reschedule your exercise. Do what’s best for your body!

2. Motivate, Don’t Complicate

I don’t know how many times I’ve woken up at 6:50 and contemplated staying in bed. Big mistake. Thinking about getting up has never been helpful. If you really want to accomplish something, you have to stick with it. My body says no; my mind says no, but somehow I’ve made it to the gym even on those hard days. Just empty your mind and propel yourself forward. Literally.

3. Convenience is Key if You’re Always Busy

I mentioned in tip 1 about college-goers being busy, and I wasn’t kidding. There is so much happening in the day, so why give up free time to go to the gym? Working out in the morning gets it out of the way. In my experience, it energizes me and I feel accomplished throughout the day.

4. Weeks Speak

If you are up for the challenge of beginning morning workouts, I’d suggest you do it straight through the week with no breaks (unless the will power is strong within you). The first week was crucial for me, because I needed continuance. I eventually kept it going! Weeks speak means that if you go throughout the week, then it is more likely you’ll get through longer.


5. Friends in the Gym

Not much to say except it’s always great to have a partner, or someone who motivates you to continue doing your best! ‘nough said!


6. Entertainment? More like EnterGAINment!

Friends and partners start you; music, books, or even a favorite Netflix show can drive you forward. Music keeps me unfocused, which is exactly what I need when I work out (Weird, I know)! I am not a fan of working out, especially when it means I have to leave the coziness of my bed. I have a playlist made especially for workouts with THE jams to pump me up! I can work out longer and endure a lot more when I am watching an episode of a show I love! Have chapters due for a class that day or even a pleasure read? That works too!

Feel any better about leaving your bed, yet? Remember, if you want something, you have to work for it. All it takes is ambition, trust and a little pixie dust-

Oops, wrong line!

In short, it takes hard work! But it is completely worth it!


Happy Work Out!

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