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RLCG: It’s Not Too Late to Join the Organization of Your Dreams

“It’s the end of my freshman year of college and I haven’t joined a single organization or anything on campus. Did I waste my whole first year? Is it too late for me to join an organization now?” 

The first year of college is always overwhelming, and different people handle that in different ways. Some people try doing as much as possible to stay constantly busy, while others need to take a step back, relax and use the entire year as an adjustment period.

It is completely fine that you did not join anything during your first year. Maybe there hasn’t been a group to strike your interest yet, or maybe you just wanted to give yourself some time to adjust. As long as you were living your year how you wanted, then your time was well spent.

Even so, there is still an entire month left of school, which is great if you want to try and join something during your last few weeks of freshman year! There are plenty of great organizations (like Her Campus WVWC, *wink*) that would love to take on anyone who is interested in joining! I think that if you have found an organization that you feel like you want to be a part of, you should try to find out the specifics so you can see how membership would work into your schedule. Research when this organization meets, what is required of you when you join, or talk to a current member to get more information.

I hope you find an organization that fits you and finish out your freshman year on a high note!

RLCG Marissa 

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