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RLCG: Do You Feel like Your Guy is Ashamed of You? The Signs that He is Ashamed of Your Relationship

1. He hasn’t told his parents about you. – If your man has not told his parents or family about you, it’s a red flag. This is a good indication that he is either not serious about the relationship, does not think his parents will approve, or doesn’t think you will last long enough as a couple to be worthy of introduction. All of these thoughts mean he could ashamed of the relationship, which is a problem. If you’ve been together for some time and still haven’t met the parents, casually ask him when you’ll be introduced. If he says soon, hold him to it. The more accountable he is, the less you feel like you’re being duped.

2. He doesn’t invite you tag along with his friends. – No doubt, your man will want time with just him and his boys. But, if you aren’t even invited to the lunch table or on a first name basis with his friends, it makes for an uncomfortable relationship. Find out why he is so hush hush about you with his bros. Is he embarrassed? Is he nervous? Does he think you’ll feel out of place? Start a conversation about it, and you’ll get a feel for his true feelings.

3. He doesn’t show you off on social media. – If he likes others girls pictures more often than pictures of you/ the two of you, he might not want other girls to know he’s in a relationship. This is especially true if he doesn’t have any pictures of the two of you on his profile. A lot of guys have a “main chick” (the girl that he says he has a somewhat serious relationship with) and a “side chick(s)” (the girl(s) that a man has to just in case he is bored with his “main chick”). If a guy isn’t willing to change is relationship status to “in a relationship” or doesn’t want to have his profile picture with you in it, say goodbye.

4. You’ve been hooking up for months but he won’t make it official – A lot of guys do this AT LEAST ONCE (or sadly twice or more) before they get serious with a girl! If you’ve hooked up multiple times and he’s not committing, it’s probably time to “BOUNCE”. Get out of this unhealthy relationship, because you don’t want to be brokenhearted.

A player’s favorite line is: “I love you but I need more time”. When you ask why, he responds “to figure out what I want.”. Ladies, if you aren’t what he wants, he’s not what you need!

-RLCG Charles

Junior at WVWC Football player Education Major WVWC Ambassador Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity 20 years old
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