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Pins: The Latest Fashion Accessory

When we think of pins, it’s easy to think that they are only for the older generations, but nothing could be further from the truth. Pins are coming back as the trendy new fashion accessory to add to your wardrobe.

Nowadays, pins are not limited to fancy jeweled broaches. Pins come in different colors, shapes and sizes. Many of them display a message or a show of support for an organization or a type of entertainment.

The best thing about pins is that they are a simple, easy to add accessory. A casual pin can be worn basically anywhere you like. Most dressy or formal achievement pins are worn on a tie or a jacket lapel, but casual pins can be worn on your shirt, jacket, hat or even on scarves or buttons. And if you prefer not to prick your clothes, no problem! Pins can be placed on bags, wallets, or purses so you can still show them off!

There is also another pin appearing on clothing today: the safety pin. According to the New York Times, people across America are wearing safety pins as a show of support to those in need and to those who are vulnerable or experiencing abuse—especially after the recent presidential election.

People who wear the pin are not necessarily in opposition to the president-elect. Rather, the pin is a display of pro-kindness and resistance to hate and negativity. Wearing the safety pin is a way to say to all around you: “You are safe with me.”

So are you ready to give pins a try? Now you can wear your personality on your sleeve—or anywhere you put your pin, for that matter.

Stay classy, ladies!

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