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My Ten Day Drinking Binge: Why You Shouldn’t Binge Drink

Let me start off by saying I do not recommend doing this what so ever. Alcoholism is a serious matter and should be treated as such. This all occurred in my second year of school and I didn’t do this on purpose. The purpose of this article is to bring awareness to those who struggle with addiction and to show that they’re not alone. When this all occurred, I had just missed 2 weeks of school because I got into an awful bad car accident which resulted in breaking my elbow and fracturing two ribs. I started to get really depressed and decided to use pain pills and alcohol to ease my mind and pain. If I would’ve known day one was going to be the start of a very forgetful week, I would’ve never done it.

Day 1: Starting as early as 10 am with a couple shots of Captain Morgan and a room temperature monster energy drink to chase it down. My friend and I went on a walk around town. I’m feeling what I thought felt like happiness. I’m high off pain pills and the pain in my arm and chest start fading away. My friend finds someone to buy us more alcohol for the day. We stayed at his house.

Day 2: We play Mortal Kombat X on PS4 while listening to music loud. I haven’t eaten anything yet, I really haven’t had much of an appetite for a couple weeks. We start drinking with our ramen noodle lunch. Alcohol of choice: Jager. My friend works but that didn’t mean we had to stop drinking.

Day 3: I woke up from blacking out from last night at 2pm. I missed a call from home, I don’t care. I drink a gallon of water when I wake up. Its 4 pm, I take my pain pills and chased it with more Jager. I haven’t left my friends house in 3 days. I haven’t been to class either.

Day 4: My friend and I get invited to a birthday party. Good thing we were already a little bit buzzed. Alcohol of choice: crappy Vladimir Vodka. I felt like I was going to get sick all day.

Day 5: I finally got sick and I threw up for what felt like hours. I took a hot shower and I cried a lot that day. My friend pointed out that I haven’t smiled or laughed since the car accident. But I had no reason to be happy. Alcohol of choice: what was left of that Vladimir vodka

Day 6: 5 people called me today. The hospital, the courthouse, my grandmother, my mom, and a friend of mine. I missed all of them. My friend and I went on a hike and  all we had were booze, water and my pain pills.

Day 7: I called my mom back. She was drunk and yelling at me because I got in the accident while I was under the influence. I was drunk too, alcohol of choice: Jager. We argued for 40 minutes, I blocked her and hadn’t heard from my mom for 2 months

Day 8: I sat outside all day. It was warm out and I started to hate being indoors all the time. It made my focus on my crappy life. Alcohol of choice: I’m not sure honestly. It was just a boozed filled water bottle.

Day 9: I don’t know how long I’ve been at my friend’s house. I don’t remember the last time I went to school. My memory is going out the window. I’ve been drunk for what seems like 3 days. I’m only ever “happy” when I’m on drugs or drunk. I’m failing my classes, my family and friends are concerned about my well-being, I haven’t been eating much at all. But I do drink alcohol as much as a fish in water.

Day 10: I’m hung over. My friend’s mom is yelling at us because we both have been drunk for 10 days. She wont stop yelling. The room is spinning. I stood in the shower for an hour. I cried a lot that day.



Hey my name is Parris and Im a writer and one of the social media directors for HerCampus at WVWC. Im currently studying in Media Studies to soon be a radio or television broadcaster. I love action movies, all music and my asshole of a cat Carder.
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