My Boyfriend Does My Makeup: Part II

Two Saturdays ago, I had the pleasure of getting together with my best friend and wonderful relationship writer here at HC WVWC, Carly, as well as her boyfriend Chris and my boyfriend Jason. The four of us spent over two hours in Carly’s room with makeup spread all over the floor, and our boys were given no directions except “do what I do every day to my face.”  Thus began the hilarious, yet oddly charming, adventure. And the result, as you’ll see soon, was quite surprising for two people who have never touched a tube of lipstick in their entire lives.

I was so nervous when Carly told me she wanted Jason to go first. However, he remembered primer from watching me do my makeup (I shed a tear from a proud girlfriend moment).  But, he failed the test rather quickly after he forgot both foundation and concealer and literally clogged my nostrils with translucent powder. Contouring and eyeshadow went pretty decently; he chose a golden yellow shade for the lid and actually knew how to navigate my Anastasia Contour Kit without directions. The eyeliner pencil didn't go so well, and neither did the eyebrows... Jason pressed my Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil so far down on my brows to a point of physical pain, and we couldn't stop laughing at how dark they were. He also decided to go for a bold lipstick, even though that's not an everyday thing for me, and it was even a liquid lipstick with a doe-foot applicator from Smashbox! He's a little beauty guru now with all of this experience. 

This was basically me trying not to laugh, but I was also genuinely happy from how well he did on his first try.

Chris pleasantly surprised Carly, because she was pretty worried at how he would do. She said that he's never really watched her do her makeup like Jason has a couple of times with me. However, Chris impressed us all with his eyeshadow selection of neutral browns and taupes (which Carly can't live without), and the blending was out of the park. He also figured out how to put on her Loreal Infallible Pro-Matte foundation with a beauty sponge, so he definitely got some extra points. He also chose a red lip, except this time a crayon from Tarte. His precision was quite impressive, and Carly and I could do nothing but give a round of applause. 

Let's all take a minute to appreciate this face of determination. 

And viola! HCXO!