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My Boyfriend Does My Makeup (With Beauty Blogger Anne Wilson)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WVWC chapter.

This week, WVWC’s beauty blogger, Anne, and I got together to do the “my boyfriend does my makeup” challenge! Our boyfriends, Jason and Chris, were a little skeptical at first, but everything turned out ok! We ended up having a way fun time and learned a lot about our SOs!

Anne and Jason went first because they had a pretty sizeable advantage—obviously. Anne is a beauty blogger, and far more invested in makeup than I am. This must’ve rubbed off on Jason (even if only a little bit). Jason knew right off the bat to start with a primer (*claps*), but after that a loose powder accident leveled the playing field again. Anne ended up with a surprisingly (almost) wearable look! Jason went for a more “natural” look with a bold lip and, um, bold brows . 

After Jason finished Anne’s makeup, it was mine and Chris’ turn. He took a similar approach and tried to get a natural look that was close to what I would wear on a day-to-day basis; surprisingly he did really well! He had trouble in the same areas that Jason did: brows and lips. But every makeup lover knows that practice makes perfect.

The most surprising things about this challenge were how determined our SOs were to keep us from looking bad and how they couldn’t care less if we wore makeup or not. Both Jason and Chris really tried to recreate how we do our makeup every day, and it was really sweet to see how much they really pay attention to that. One of my favorite moments from this whole experience happened right when Jason started working on Anne’s face and he decided to skip foundation because her skin “already looks perfect.” 

I think sometimes we love the confidence makeup gives us so much that we forget how little it matters to the people that love us. This “challenge” is a great way to gain a new perspective about makeup and how our partners percieve us, so I encourage you to give it a try! It’s a fun little activity for an evening in; you don’t even have to document it. 

But, since you were probably wondering, here are the finished looks: 


And myself: