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It’s Time for a ‘Sleep Revolution’

As college students, we all have our priorities (well, most of us do). Whether it be cramming for an upcoming test and pumping out term papers or dedicating our time to extra-curricular activities, we usually have certain tasks hold more importance over others. And for a majority of us, getting a good night’s sleep typically isn’t one of them. Between going to class, studying and trying to keep up with other campus activities (let alone trying to maintain some semblance of a social life), sleep is more of an afterthought instead of a priority; we simply don’t have time for it.

Nonetheless, sleep is something we need and more importantly, something we deserve. As Arianna Huffington explains in her new book, The Sleep Revolution, maintaining a healthy sleep schedule is integral to our ability to function—and thrive—in everyday life. 

“We need to reclaim this special realm,” Huffington writes. “Not just because sleep makes us better at our jobs (though there’s that) and not just because it makes us healthier in every way (there is that, too) but also because of the unique way it allows us to connect with a deeper part of ourselves.”

The Sleep Revolution expertly details what Huffington calls a “sleep crisis.” As with college students, sleep is a task that receives little attention among many Americans. According to Huffington, sleep deprivation isn’t merely a problem; it’s an epidemic. A lack of sleep can lead to a host of serious medical problems, including a weakened immune system, an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and a susceptibility to various cancers (breast, ovarian and prostate). 

Huffington herself suffered the consequences of sleep deprivation when she passed out from exhaustion—and now, she’s using her experiences to prevent others from falling victim to lost sleep. In addition to promoting this newfound mission through The Sleep Revolution, Huffington is also helping raise awareness among the collegiate audience about sleep-related issues through The Huffington Post’s #SleepRevolution College Tour.

With the help of The Huffington Post and Her Campus National, we’ve been given exclusive access to products that will be featured during the tour, all of which are designed to help collegiettes everywhere get the sleep they so desperately need—and take it from us, these sleep gadgets are what dreams are made of!

1. Sense by Hello

Who ever said that sleep gadgets and smart gadgets didn’t go together? This nifty little sphere monitors the environment of your bedroom and lets you know when conditions are optimal for you to get the best sleep possible by flashing a green light. You can also sync Sense with your phone to monitor your sleep habits, analyze patterns and keep track of your Sleep Score. 

2. The Sleep Shepherd

Sick of popping pills to get a good night’s rest? The Sleep Shepherd is the drug-free way to get the restful, restorative sleep that your body needs after a busy day. All you have to do is don the sleep cap and let the Shepherd take care of the rest. As you lie in bed, the Sleep Shepherd analyzes your brainwaves and makes necessary adjustments through a biofeedback system that generates the desired brain frequency for sleep. And the best part? It doesn’t physically alter your brain chemistry like prescription or OTC sleep aids. 

3. Rohm Portable Sound Machine

If you’re one of those people who needs some type of background noise to dose off, then this is the perfect product for you! With three different sound settings (Rohm masks disruptive sounds while creating a peaceful environment to help you fall asleep faster. Rohm’s portability also makes it perfect for overnight trips or summer vacations! 

4. Sheex Pillowcases

These are the softest, most luxurious pillowcases on the market (sorry, Egyptian cotton). Like performance active-wear, Sheex wicks away moisture and keeps you cool through temperature control fabric. Plus, they’re just super comfy.   

5. Fresh Life Scented Candle

This little candle packs a big punch by filling the room with a relaxing, fragrant scent to help you unwind after a tough day of work and/or classes. 

6. Soxxy Air Compression Socks

With Soxxy, you can have it all: adorable socks that feel great on your feet and also improve circulation. From fashionistas to diabetics, anyone and everyone can benefit from slipping their soles into a pair of Soxxies. With Soxxy, you can feel great and look great! 


7. Land’s End Oxford Sleep Pants and Short Sleeve Sleep Shirt

What better way to improve your sleep schedule than by slipping into a new pair of comfy PJs? This shirt-pant combo is super soft and airy, which is perfect for these breezy nights in late spring.

Even though the semester is over, it’s never too late to start improving your sleep habits. Use these next four months as an opportunity to revive, recharge and refresh. A healthy sleep schedule leads to a healthy life. 

Maty recently graduated Summa Cum Laude from West Virginia Wesleyan College (WVWC), and she couldn’t be more excited to return to the Her Campus family as a member of the Community Team.  Maty’s passion for writing has guided her through most of her adult life, and it eventually brought her to to the Her Campus Chapter Network as a Style Blogger for Her Campus WVWC. Maty would go on to become Campus Correspondent of her chapter, as well as an intern for Her Campus National and a Chapter Advisor.  Through her different roles at HC, Maty quickly fell in love with the mission and purpose of the Her Campus Chapter Network—and in her new role, Maty has the rare and coveted opportunity to do what she loves on a daily basis by working with a growing network of 360+ college chapters.    When Maty isn’t at the office, she’s usually out exploring, cooking some random recipe she found on Pinterest, or cuddling with her adorable corgi, Winnie.  Follow Maty on Twitter and Instagram !
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