I was Bullied My Sophomore Year of High School: DONT BULLY

My sophomore year of high school was rough for me. During the summer before my sophomore year we had marching band practices for the upcoming season. One day I went to band practice and saw that there was a new girl in the same section as me, we will call her Sarah. I was making small conversation with her because I was trying to make her feel welcomed to our town, and our band.

            Everything seemed to be okay for a while until one night at a band party. Me and a few of my friends were playing a game out in the yard, and Sarah had come up to us and said that we need to stop playing the game that we were playing because apparently, we were going to get the people “arrested” which wasn’t true at all. Sarah got really mean to me when I was telling her that we understood what she was saying, and she started calling me names.

            After that night she kept being rude and making up lies about me. She had told me a secret earlier to the fight the night of the band party. After that party she would come up to me and ask me why I told her secret. I was confused on why she was asking me this question, but every time I told her that I never told her secret and that I would never do it.

            The accusations kept on going for a long time. A few weeks after the first accusation she came to me again and said that I needed to stop “telling her secret” which she knew that I wasn’t. She didn’t believe me and said that she had two detectives on my case, and that they had proof that I was texting and emailing people telling her secret. I knew that what she was saying was not true, so I just kept pushing it off because I knew she was only telling lies.

            One day I had gotten a pass to go to my counselor’s office, and I went and Sarah, her counselor and my counselor were in the conference room. It was an intervention saying and they said that whatever was going on we needed to talk about what was the truth and going on. I told Sarah that I had done nothing and asked her who these people were that were throwing me under the bus. And she couldn’t tell me their names, so I knew that she was lying.

            Eventually it did die down and she backed off, until the beginning of my junior year. Her mom tripped over my foot, and it was accident and she was rude to me and said that my mouth was an accident. That following Monday I got called down to the principle’s office, and my principle said that Sarah’s mom emailed the school saying that I tripped her on purpose, and that I was being a smart butt.

            After that day I tried to stay far away from Sarah and her mom because I didn’t want to start anything more than what had happened for the past year and a few weeks.