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I Tried a Men’s Shaving Subscription and Here’s What Happened

Shaving is such a controversial topic. Do women really HAVE to shave? Are women supposed to be completely hairless aside from the top of their heads? Who came up with this, anyways? Guys get to shave whatever and whenever they want and don't get judged nearly as much as ladies do.  So, when I found out that there's a shaving subscription box for men where you can get a razor every month with four refills, plus natural and organic shave butters and creams and lots of other toiletries, for just a few dollars and free shipping, I jumped on it real quick.

The Dollar Shave Club is a monthly subscription box that you can customize to your needs and wants for shaving. They offer three different razors at different prices: a twin blade for $1 plus $2 shipping, a razor with four blades for $6, and a six-bladed razor for $9 (those two ship for free). So, if your body hair grows very slow and isn't coarse or doesn't require a larger razor, you can potentially get four razors and a handle for as little as $3 a month--which is actually a really amazing deal.  Plus, if four razor heads a month sounds like way too much if you don't shave that often (like myself), switch it to come every two months--that makes it $1.50 a month to have two razor heads each month.  

It probably sounds like there's some kind of catch, right? I thought so, too. So, over Cyber Monday, I decided to give it a shot and get a box.  

They were having a really great deal for Cyber Monday, and you could get any of the razors for only $1.  I ordered the four-bladed razor called "The 4X" and I decided to try a tube of the shaving butter they carry, as well, so my order rang up at $9.  

It came in about four business days from the time I ordered it, which wasn't too bad of a wait, especially for free shipping. The box was packed very nicely, and they included some little inserts welcoming me to the shave club and telling me a little more information about it, which was super handy. So, then came the time to actually try it out.  

At first glance, the razor handle is really nice. It's a simple black and white that's easy to hold, and it didn't slip or fall out of my hand while I used it.  The four razor heads are pretty standard with a small conditioning strip and a slight pivot for body angles. What impressed me most of all was the shave butter. It's not made with parabens or sulfates, and the ingredients are cruelty free and vegan. It doesn't foam up or have dye in it, so you can see where you're shaving and it doesn't clog the razor like most foams and gels do.  

After just one bubble bath with this razor, I was in love. I promise that I'm not overexaggerating; my legs and underarms have never been smoother from women's razors from the drugstore.  Plus, even if you're satisfied with your current razor, I really suggest trying the butter. It was better than any shaving cream or gel I've tried elsewhere. 

The main aspect of this subscription that will keep me coming back is the price and the flexibility. I plan to try the other two razors in the future and find the one that is most effective for me, as well as looking into more of their hygiene products.

If none of this convinces you personally, consider sending it as a gift or purchase a friend or family member a subsciption, instead.  You really can't beat the price, and whoever recieves it will thank the lord that they don't have to buy razors for at least a month.  

HCXO, and happy shaving!

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