How to Look & Feel Great If You’ve Gained Weight

It may not be ideal, but with stress, changing seasons and celebrations, it’s natural that you may have gained a little weight. But there’s no need to worry! With these easy tips, you can feel confident and absolutely beautiful at any size.

1.Accept it

Fluctuations in body weight are completely natural. Body weight is determined by a number of conditions and your body changes as you age. It’s natural and healthy for your body not to look the same as it did 3 years ago.

If you have put on some weight, remember that it is just where your body is at the moment. If you are trying to lose weight you don’t have to sacrifice your style until you reach your goal weight. You still deserve to feel fabulous, fierce and comfortable anywhere you go!

2.Don’t try to squeeze into your old clothes

Nothing says bad style like bad fit. No matter what your weight, you will always look more polished and put together when you are wearing your correct size. I know it’s never fun to have to buy a size up, but the number on the tag does not define you! Trying to squeeze into clothes that simply do not fit can actually make you look several sizes bigger than you really are. So remember when trying on clothes, if you have to struggle, pull and stretch the fabric, or cannot easily button it, it does not fit.



3.Don’t limit your color scheme to black

I know what you’re going to say: “But black is slimming!”

Yes, black clothing can make your silhouette seem sleeker and a little smaller. However, when you only dress in black with no thought to fit or shape, not only is the outfit boring, but it is obvious that you are limiting yourself to the background. Spice up your outfits with color, sparkle and shine! When you look confident, people will treat you like you are!

4.Belt it

My favorite trick to creating the illusion of a smaller waist is to belt clothing at the natural waist! Your natural waist falls on the ribcage under the breasts. It is the natural smallest part of your torso. When you belt this area, people’s eyes are drawn to it. When you are accentuating the smallest part of you, it tricks the eye into seeing that you are that small! For the best results, try belts with a bit of elastic as to not pull of your clothing.


5.Go for flouncy or draping clothes

If you don’t want to show your waist, try wearing flowy clothes or clothes that drape over the body rather than hug it. This type of clothing is very forgiving and is normally very comfortable. When you do, try to let another part of your body show its shape. For example, if you wear a flowy top, pair it with a nice pair of fitted pants. Doing this helps show off your shape!

Which brings me to my last point…

6.Accentuate another part of your body

Anytime you are feeling down about a part of your body, whether it be about weight gain, self-esteem, etc., try to focus on the positive things about your body. If you only see the negative, that kind of self-talk can really get you down. When you like a part of yourself, let that be the source of your confidence! If you love your face, let it be the star of the show! If you have killer legs, show them off! You can build a renewed sense of self-confidence with a little positivity and patience.


No matter what size you are or how you feel about your body at the moment, just remember:


Stay Classy, Ladies!


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