How to Enjoy Photography!

I’ve always loved to record things. Being able to have an account of the past for both myself, and future generations, I feel is incredibly important. Photography allows us to show how the world (and our own lives) has changed over the years. I was always mystified by the covers of National Geographic magazines, how they captured these amazingly clear images that, without words, could tell a complete story. I wanted that power. And I wanted to tell my story. But I had no experience, no camera, and a limited range for how far I could go to take pictures. It was my first trip taking photos with my grandpa that taught me everything I needed to know. Here are some tips for people like me.

           1. Let the picture tell the story

A lot of times we can get caught up in seeing how someone else’s picture is “better” than ours and it can discourage us or cause us to embellish it with too many filters, colors, and effects. The fact of the matter is, that was their story, and this is ours. Keep it real. A dark, dirty alleyway in your hometown may not seem like a good place to take a photo, but perhaps you discover a litter of kittens and it begins to alert you to a stray animal problem in your community. With that simple photo you have opened your mind and can even use it to persuade others to act on an issue.

           2. Take pictures with other people and learn from them

You can stand in the same place, with the same angle, and shoot at a waterfall, but each new moment provides new water drops, offering an entirely new waterfall. By this I mean, every second provides a new window in time and life. You might have taken a picture of the same church or field a hundred times but each one is still distinctly different. It’s ok to practice! Discover new ways that suit the subject and your style. Experiment! Try taking people with you to see their perspective on the subject or to learn from their skills, and you will find yourself gaining all new ways to shoot photos. Try to get as much feedback on your photos as possible, so that you can always take a step forward and improve your future photos!