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How to Avoid Stress During Finals

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—except for the part where we have to take finals. The most stressful part of the semester falls short just a few weeks from winter break, but here are just a few ways to avoid unnecessary stress during finals time:

1. Indulge in Comfort Food 

Eat all the macaroni, mashed potatoes and ice cream your heart desires. If there is ever a time to enjoy comfort food, it’s during the most stressful week of the semester.

2. Color 

Coloring is a natural stress reliever. Invest in an adult coloring book with interesting designs or buy a children’s one and color some Disney characters. Either way, you’ll find yourself feeling much better.

3. Breathe 

Inhale. Exhale. It will be okay.

4. Dance Party 

Listen to music and dance around your room. This will help you release all of the built up tension and negativity so you can relax afterwards.

5. Take a Nap 

Sleep off all of that stress, and be sure to get at least six hours every night. When you have enough sleep, you’ll be able to think clearer.

6. Dress Comfy 

Dressing comfortably during finals week is a definite must. No one can sit in a hard library chair for hours upon hours. Do yourself a favor and throw on a pair of sweatpants.

7. Stay Organized 

This is the most important way to avoid stress. Keep yourself organized right now, so you can make it through all of your finals with ease.

Don’t forget to follow these steps to help keep yourself from stressing out so much. Good luck, collegiate, and may the curve be ever in your favor!

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