Here's What to Get the Beauty Addicts in Your Life

Okay, so your SO is always talking about his/her makeup being perfect, or it takes your best friend hours to get ready, and no matter what, you’re still confused about what “primer” is and how the heck an “exfoliator” works. And now, there’s a huge holiday, birthday or something where you just want to get your SO, sibling, friend, etc. the perfect gift, and you have no idea where to start. So keep reading! I’ve come up with a list of products that all beauty gurus are obsessed with, and hopefully it will help you learn a little more about what exactly it is that your loved one has a passion for. 


1. Eyeshadow. A very popular item that can make or break your eye makeup look.  If you were to go online and try to find a specific shade of eyeshadow, it might possibly take you months. Brands, shades, packaging and even certain ingredients all influence the decision-making process when you want a good eyeshadow or palette. Here are my three favorite eyeshadow brands: 

  • Too Faced. A vegan-friendly company, this brand comes out with new palettes every season, while also keeping their old popular ones on the market.  They are most popular for having great quality eyeshadows that are infused with cocoa powder, so they smell like chocolate! At the end of this month, they are launching a peanut butter and jelly palette, and for their spring collection that will be launching soon, a palette that will smell like peaches. This brand is all about making fun, adorable products, while also giving the quality that you pay for.
  • Urban Decay. Have you ever heard of the Naked palettes? It’s totally okay if you haven’t! However, these palettes are probably some of the most popular eyeshadow trends across the world—mostly because you almost never hear a bad review about them.  Almost any beauty person you meet will probably have a Naked palette in their collection. This company sells a lot of other amazing products, including eyeshadow collections other than Naked. All of their products are definitely worth checking out!
  • TarteWhen I think of Tarte, something that I always think of is earthy colors. Although they have a lot of bold colors in their products, I always think of this brand as neutral royalty. They make a lot of gorgeous grey and brown eyeshadows, so if your loved one is really into natural-looking makeup, this might be a great brand to consider.

2. Lipstick. It can be extremely difficult to find a nice lipstick brand. Since every person is unique and has different preferences for what they want in a lipstick, I would venture to say this is one of the hardest products to shop for. However, I have a couple of brands that I know are dependable for great lipsticks that my friends and I all love, so check them out if you think your loved one would enjoy a new lipstick! 

  • Kat Von DAs a tattoo artist, Kat Von D and her makeup brand are a bit unconventional, to say the least. Her products are considered loud and crazy by a lot of people, but nonetheless, she has a line of gorgeous lipsticks that range from hot pink to pitch black. The next time you’re around your loved one, pay a little attention to whether or not he/she wears lipstick. If you can, try to pick a color that embodies their personality or that you simply think they would enjoy wearing.
  • Nyx. Recently, this company has been receiving a lot more hype for its lipsticks. They’ve released some new collections of long-wear colors, and they are the most affordable lipsticks with the largest variety of shades I’ve seen thus far. Definitely check this company out, especially if you’re on a budget but still want to get your loved one something nice.

And there you have it, collegiette! Next time you’re trying to come up with gift ideas for the makeup lovers in your life, refer to this guide and hopefully it will help. If you have any questions, you know where to find me!