For the Girl Who Needs Her Makeup to Last All Day Long

Many of us collegiettes are constantly busy.  Whether it’s class, meetings, lectures or just studying our butts off, real life college girls just don’t have time to be worrying about appearance every second of the day.  While looking presentable and professional is important as a college student, it is definitely NOT important to continue retouching your makeup and stressing about if your eyeliner is smudged or your foundation is melting off.  I’m going to share with you some of my staple makeup tricks and tips that I use every day for application and making it last all day.  Most days, I have my makeup on well past 8 hours, and I know that many collegiettes are in the same boat.  Keep reading to find out how I keep my makeup locked in for more flawless hours of the day!

1. Primer

It is important to start with a primer in your makeup routine.This ensures your foundation will stick better to your skin, and there are also different types of primers for different skin issues you might face which can benefit your skin’s health! Here are a few I like:

Wet 'n Wild

2. Long Lasting Foundation

Finding a foundation that works for your skin type can be difficult, so I’ll share with you the two foundations I never stray from:

Estēe Lauder

Urban Decay

3. Swap your pressed powder and brush for a loose powder and sponge

I don’t exactly know the science behind it, but by using a dampened beauty sponge and a loose, either translucent or tinted powder, and pressing it into the skin instead of brushing it on, keeps my foundation locked in and my skin from getting greasy.

Laura Mercier

Real Techniques

Beauty Blender

4. Cream/gel eyeliners instead of those painful pencils you have to sharpen!

I find that creams and gels hold up better in my eyes when compared to pencils.Plus, retractable ones are easier and require less sharpening, if any at all!

Colour Pop