Fighting Acne in the Winter Months

We all know how hard it is to maintain healthy skin year-round.  In fact, many of us college-aged women struggle with acne during at least some part of the year, because weather can have a huge effect on our faces—more so than we realize sometimes.  It’s important to maintain a skincare routine that keeps your skin from getting extremely greasy in the summer, while also avoiding dryness in the winter.  Here are some tips on how to keep your skin in its prime, flawless state year-round!




A step in the routine that many of us will skip over is exfoliation.  I prefer to exfoliate my skin before I cleanse, but some prefer cleansing first.  Either way, exfoliation is especially important during this time of the year, because it’s crucial to rid your face of all the dry skin that builds up from the cold, windy air. 


If you insist that your skin is too oily to moisturize, then I’m telling you now that that is a false statement.  Every single human should use moisturizer.  Not only does it keep oily skin locked in at bay so that you don’t turn into a grease ball by the afternoon, it prevents that dry, cracked skin feeling from spending too much time in the dry winter air (i.e. walking to class, going on a run, etc.). 

3.Whole foods and hot beverages

One of the kindest things you can do for your body is put good foods and liquids into it.  Nutrition plays a role in your skin that many don’t realize.  If my skin is feeling extremely problematic, I always enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee.  Plus, eating whole foods, such as granola or pretzels with hummus or anything that has a lot of grain in it, can keep you from getting too low on energy. Ultimately, that can attribute to acne from the stress of being so exhausted or “low”. 

4.Primer and foundation (for the makeup lovers)

If you still find yourself struggling with acne after trying these, it could be your makeup.  It may be time to switch out your foundation, or perhaps you’re using the wrong kind of primer.  Check back on how old your makeup is and look at the ingredients.  You could also be having an allergic reaction, which looks the same as a breakout. 


I hope these tips help you keep your skin issues under control and remind you of how fierce you are.  Stay gorgeous! HCXO!