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The Fastest Glam Makeup Routine for a Busy Lifestyle

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WVWC chapter.

Whether you’re in college, working, or doing both either part or full-time, entering and maintaining a sustainable livelihood can get hectic as a young adult. Therefore, I find myself not even bothering to wear makeup many days, especially on the weekends if I’m working.  But, recently, I’ve discovered a makeup routine that varies occasionally, but for the most part can take me between 7 and 12 minutes.  I thought I’d share it with you all!

  1. Primer/Moisturizer: With a clean face, I try to always put something onto my skin to keep the moisture throughout the day so that it doesn’t dry out (because I live in a colder climate this time of year) before applying the makeup.  I also see less acne when I use this before makeup.

  2. Concealer: That’s right. I said it. Skip Foundation. It’s not a crime! I’ve been wearing foundation less and less often for the past few months, and my skin has been clearing up tremendously.  I use a skin toned concealer for two main things: my under eye bags and any redness and pimples that pop up occasionally.  I try to embrace my freckles, rosy cheeks, and skin discoloration and just try to even it out to look as natural as possible and like I tried.  

  3. Powder: This step may or may not be necessary for you. If you have dry skin that gets cracked, itchy, or peeling throughout the day, you might not need this at all.  But, I get a little shiny after more than 4-6 hours, so the powder makes the concealer last longer.  

  4. Bronzer: I love this stuff.  You can blend it all over the perimeters of your face and suddenly have a snatched, bronzy glow to your skin.  You can even put some into the crease of your eyelid to add dimension and depth (and also just make you look like you put on eyeshadow).  Adding a darker powder can also help cover redness on skin.  

  5. Glow: I’m a bit obsessed with highlighter, but not a necessary step to do if you really don’t prefer it.  If you’re looking for a new glow favorite, my staples that I’m wearing almost every day are from Becca and Smashbox.  

  6. Tinted Brow Gel: This is the only product that I use in my eyebrows nearly everyday, and they always look sharp through the whole day (which is sometimes more than ten hours).  The one from Anastasia Beverly Hills is my favorite.

  7. Mascara: The very last thing I usually do right before I leave my house is put mascara on.  It’s one of my #1 favorite makeup products.  I’ve always been in love with my eyelashes.

And that’s it! Grab your tube of chapstick and dash out the door! You’re on your way to doing bigger and better things, while looking super glam in the process.




I love makeup and caffeine.