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Fashionable and Practical Winter Accessories

Winter is coming, winter is coming!

Soon we’ll be treking through the white fluffy flakes to class and it’s time to prepare. 

But who says winter gear has to resemble an 80s windsuit or children’s play wear?!

We’ve found some fashionable, yet practical, winter accessories to keep you warm and on-the-go this winter!




Tech-friendly gloves are a must-have in winter. When it’s dipping towards the single digits, you don’t want to risk losing yours trying to type a text in the frigid air. These gloves, from The North Face, have smart tips to use on your device and are well-insulated. They come with a steep price, $45, but are a long-term investment and versatile to sporty or dressy occasions. Bonus: they come in 8 cute colors like Parlour Purple! Check them out here


Those don’t quite match your dress coat and heels? Not to fear, driving gloves are the perfect choice for you! Normally made of leather, they are durable and cozy, and often come with cuter details than their sport-style counterparts; just look at those bows! These are from ASOS and run you about $28, so check these out!

Legs and Tootsies

Leggings are a collegiette staple, whether under leggings or paired with a sweater and scarf. However, winter can be a little chilly for thin fabric. Upgrade to fleece-lined leggings for extra warmth without the bulk. They are also the perfect alternative to tights or hose with your favorite dress. This pair from Kohls comes in 7 designs, like tribal print and cheetah, to spice up your cold winter fashion. And, at only $15, you can afford to buy two (or more)!

We’re transitioning from fall temperatures to winter cold, which means those sporty ankle socks you’ve stuffed in your riding boots aren’t going to cut it anymore. Boot socks are the perfect way to keep your jeans from crumpling up and your toes toasty warm in the wet snow. As a leader in winter gear, this pair of socks from Land’s End comes in at a reasonable $14 and come in several cute colors. 



Scarves and Hats

Winter is primetime for one of our favorite accessories – Scarves! 

HC WVWC loves taking fashion advice from Lauren Conrad, and she reccomends chunk scarves like this one to make a bold statement and keep you warm! This plain knit goes with every outfit, but patterned scarves can be a great way to mix it up with your solid color peacoat. And, if you’re not much for heavy scarves, you can wrap the classic pashmina in fancy knots to replace your statement necklace. Your throat will be warm in those cold-ridden months and you’ll look fabulous to boot! 



While it is a myth that most heat is lost through your head, that’s no reason to have cold ears! Instead of ruining your hair with a static-filled fleece hat, opt for a fashionable headband that you can keep on even through your coffee date. These small bands, from Etsy, won’t overwhelm your head but will still keep you cozy with a pop of color for every hair hue! 



What are your essential winter accessories? Share your top picks with us on Twitter!


A public relations major with a passion for social media, the arts, and all things Disney, writer Corinne Weaver hopes to bring some Her Campus flare to WVWC. Weaver performs with the WVWC Theatre and Dance department, is a sister of Alpha Delta Pi, and interned at the National Aquarium in the Summer of '14! This Co-Editor-In-Chief will always love her close-knit hometown of Oakland, Maryland, but looks forward to opportunities to branch out in the future. Follow her @CorinneWeaver4 on Twitter and Instagram!
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