Fall Date Destinations: Buckhannon WV

It's fall and we all know what that means: warm drinks, cozy blankets, sweaters and snuggling up with other cute humans! Here are some great things to do with your significant other (or friends!) in and around Buckhannon, WV this fall!

Things in town: for when you want to plan a quick date close to home at WVWC. 

Have a coffee date. It's pretty chiched, but there's a reason why -- talking over coffee is a great way to get to know someone! There are plenty of cute cafes in Buckhannon, all within walking distance of WVWC; there's Dough Re Mi, Fish Hawk Acres, and the Daily Grind. A casual date at a little coffe shop is a great way to break the ice in a new relationship or have a nice long chat with a long-term sweetheart. 

Go see a movie. Lascaux Micro-Theatre is a great destination for this if you're looking get away from the usual movie theatre scene. They show movies that are less heard of and even host other entertainment events. If you're looking for a more intimate, unique experience this is the way to go!

Hit the roller rink. Roller skating is an awesome date if you're looking to laugh and have a good time. Skateland is just a short drive from WVWC and opened recently for the fall! It can get a little crowded on Saturday nights but is still a great place to bring your SO or even some friends for a group date (plus you can even win free donuts!). 


Roadtrip Destinations: a little farther away but worth the drive!

Tour a haunted house. WVWC is a short 40 minutes away from one of the best haunted houses around. Every year the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum puts on a haunted house like no other; you even have to sign a waiver to go in. It's a pretty crazy experience but an opportunity to huddle close with your crush and make it through together.


Take a train ride. Just under 2 hours away is Cass Scenis Railroad State Park and Fall is one of the best times to experience it! Take an open air train tide through the fall foliage with your SO and an a cup of hot cocoa and you'll be in full fall spririts. Bonus: WVWC Outdoor Rec team is hosting an upcoming trip to Cass with discounted rates and a bus ride to the park! Get on board with this trip and you could even make some new friends. 

Hike through the leaves. There are some beautiful hiking spots nearby and fall is the perfect time to take advantage of them. Audra State Park and Otter Creek Wilderness are two spots I can personnaly vouch for. In the fall, the weather isn't too hot and you can enjoy the pretty changing scenery with your SO. You can even bring lunch and some blankets for a cute picnic.

Get out and have fun taking in the changing seasons -- fall is the perfect time to find someone to snuggle up with for the winter!