Crushing Gender Norms: Why Men in Makeup is Okay and Why We Should Encourage It

Actors. Celebrities. Makeup Artists. Children. Who wears makeup?  Who is allowed? Trick Question; anybody can wear cosmetics. No, you don’t have to do cat-eye eyeliner or a red lip. No, you don’t have to have a certain haircut to contour your face. No, you don’t have to be a woman to wear makeup.  It’s time to crush gender stereotypes and make it clear: Men are allowed to wear makeup; no matter their profession, race or sexuality.

A man does not have to be gay, transgendered or single to wear makeup. A man doesn’t have to have a specific physique to wear whatever he wants on his face. I myself actually know several men who wear makeup daily. Now, when I say makeup, I don’t mean electric blue eyeshadow and Barbie pink lip gloss. Many men enjoy wearing foundation to cover up acne scars, and contouring wasn’t designed for just women. Stage makeup and drag queen trends have influenced many of the daily makeup application techniques we all use; however, this doesn’t mean that makeup has to be bold or dramatic. Most folks stick to natural, neutral colors on the face and it’s important to experiment with cosmetics and figure out what you like for yourself. 

The beauty spotlight this week goes to my main man, Jacob Sullivan. As one of my best friends, Jacob will do just about anything I ask of him and he never fails to put a smile on my face. My friends and I had the privilege of doing his makeup a couple of months ago, and he gave me permission to share the transformation!

With Halloween coming up, encourage your male friends who have never worn makeup to give it a shot!  It’s 2016; there are dangerous clowns running around and Donald Trump might become president. Why not keep turning heads (but this time, in a positive way)?