Create Your Own Coffee Name

First of all, what is a coffee name? Is that some sort of code? I guess coffee names could sort of become a code, but they aren’t actually. A coffee name by (my) definition is the name that you tell the barista at your favorite coffee shop to write on the side of your cup. My name is Meg. Therefore I typically tell them my name is Meg, and that’s what they write on my paper cup in black sharpie. But when it comes to coffee names the options for choosing one are endless. I can become Sarah or Rachel, and no one will ever know! Why stick to your actual name anyways? 

It’s important for everyone to choose their own coffee name. After all, we couldn’t choose our names when we were born. Why not have an alternate coffee identity? (Side note: I don’t believe choosing a different name to put on your cup at Starbucks will cause any sort of identity crisis.) Choosing your own coffee name is important because it allows you to express yourself using the one word everyone calls you. Plus if you hate your name, now you won’t have to hear your name called once the barista’s finished making your drink. Just don’t forget the name you told because then you may never get your order.

Choosing a coffee name can be the most difficult part of the entire process, so I suggest looking through baby names online. I know that sounds really weird, but it’s actually really helpful. It’s easier to choose one once you establish what letter you’d like it to start with, so choose a letter (your middle initial maybe?) and go from there! Remember coffee names don’t have to be limited to when you stop by Starbucks. They can be used at any restaurant that takes your name for an order.

So don’t forget to get creative with your coffee this season, collegiettes!