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College Republicans on Campus

You may have noticed all the signs along the road, television and radio ads, and even phone calls from politicians asking for your vote on this upcoming Election Day. This is an exciting time in West Virginia politics. Currently, there is a large push for Republicans to take control of the House of Delegates, which the Democratic Party has had control of for the past 85 years, making this is a very exciting time to get involved in politics.

You may have been thinking about getting involved but maybe you are not sure which party you should identify. There are plenty of tools to use to help one better understand their beliefs and values in relation to politics. There is a really great quiz you can take to help you figure out which political party you should choose to identify with. It can even be tailored with your zip code to see which candidates in that area you would identify with ideologically.

Here is the quiz:


If you happen to get Republican results, then you should consider joining College Republicans. You took the quiz so you must be at least a tiny bit interested in politics. College Republicans would be a great place to get started.

College Republicans is the nation’s oldest, largest, and most active youth political organization. Since 1892, over 1,800 college campuses have started their own College Republicans chapter, including West Virginia Wesleyan. While the Wesleyan chapter is still new and in the process of establishing a role in West Virginia politics, they are still involved in several local races as much as possible.

We are coming together to support the Republican agenda and become future leaders for the conservative movement. Being the grassroots arm of the Republican Party gives a closer look at the “boots on the ground” and those who put in many long hours going door knocking and making hundreds of phone calls. The group is open to new members and would be so excited to have any interested student join the movement.

Please find your favorite conservative on campus if you have any questions, or pay close attention to any Emos or bullitens.

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