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Christen Saab Proves You Actually CAN Do It All!

Our Campus Celebrity for this week is none other than Christen Saab!

Christen is a junior here at Wesleyan majoring in public relations with minors in writing and sports business. Originally from Bridgeport W.Va., she chose Wesleyan because it was close to home and because she could be involved in performing arts without majoring in it. 

One thing about Christen is that she’s always doing something on campus. She performs as a member of the WVWC Dance Team and serves as a freshman seminar leader. She is also a proud new member of Zeta Tau Alpha! As if all of that wasn’t cool enough, Christen is also the Drum Major for WVWC’s marching band.  

As Drum Major, Christen conducts the marching band during football game halftime performances and tries to get the crowd excited throughout the game. Not only does she direct the band, she also helps each band member learn the music and routines that they must perform for each game.

“The most rewarding aspect is helping other band members realize their potential,” she says. “When they overcome a difficult section in the drill or in the music, the look on their face makes all of our hard work worth it.”

Christen’s love for marching bands didn’t just happen overnight. The Drum Major says her passion actually started at a young age:

“When I was little, I can remember watching marching bands and always wanting to lead them.” She accomplished her dream as Drum Major in high school and then had the opportunity to continue it in college.

One of Christen’s goals for this year is to watch the marching band grow. Still a new organization on campus, it has already come a long way.

So, the next time you’re at a football game, pay a little bit more attention to the band, especially the girl who is leading them. 

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