Being Single in College

From my senior year of high school, I had long decided that I would not be in a relationship during my freshman year of college, or any years, for that matter. It wasn’t until about three months before college started when a friend of mine asked me out. The fear of missing out got the best of me, and we were together for eight months. Recently, for the sake of my sanity, I broke it off.

Personally, I think college is a time to spread your wings and do things for yourself, without having to worry about a significant other. A lot of people can overlook this. College is time for you to learn more, have quality time with your friends, and be the best YOU you can be. Being single in this time allows for more freedom to express what you believe without fear of upsetting your significant other. I couldn’t count how many times I would have to silence my newfound political views out of fear of my partner not agreeing with it.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t live your life the way you think it should be lived! Plenty of students go through their entire college experience with a partner- and that’s completely fine! My point is that sometimes, when dealing with a lot during college, relationships can either help or hurt. When it gets to the point of hurting more than helping, you should never be afraid to take a step back and be in a relationship with yourself, focusing on number one: You.