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6 Easy Steps to a Good Night’s Rest!

As busy college students who are quickly approaching Spring Break, we probably are focused on a lot of deadlines, midterm projects, and just trying to get homework out of the way so we can rest on a break for once! Getting things done is the only option, and unfortunately that usually comes with a lack of sleep.

Whether you are just too busy, too stressed, or can’t calm down long enough to sleep, you have to do it. Your body depends on it.



Here are some pointers to help the sandman find his way back to your room.



Drink Hot Tea                                                      

Hot tea is not only known for healthy for immunity and digestive systems. Some hot tea can clam you down and help you sleep better at night. Try sitting quietly with some tea next time you are feeling stressed, and you might just find enough relaxation to drift away into that beautiful sleep!



Write Down Your Worries

We all have a lot on our plate, and who doesn’t worry about getting things done? If your to-do list keeps you awake at night, try sitting down and writing everything you are worried about on paper before you go to sleep. This helps you organize your thoughts and prepare for the next day, so your sleep will not suffer during the night.



Manage Your Time

We all have done it. We have waited until the last minute to do something, and then stayed up all night scrambling to finish it before class the next day. Then for the next two days we feel the exhaustion of the sleep we missed out on – the sleep we will never get back. That’s your body punishing your for depriving it. Manage your time. Schedule when you will accomplish tasks. Don’t overload yourself with too many obligations. Your body will thank you.



Eat Well

Eating well is an overall great thing for every aspect of your life, but it also helps you sleep. When you put good things into your body, it is more comfortable and ready to be at rest.




It can be hard to get to the gym, but even squeezing in an hour of yoga in your dorm will do wonders for your sleep quality.




Look on the bright side, smile at a stranger, and have a positive attitude. Happy people are more apt to go to bed with fewer worries. And less worrying means more Zzzzzs.


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