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5 Ways Your Relationship from High School Can Change in College

If you come to college with a boyfriend or girlfriend from high school, expect to see changes in your relationship, both good and bad. 

1. You’ll have way more freedom. The freedom that comes with college can be a huge shock at first. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want and this has the potential to change many aspects of your life, including your relationship. If you’re at college with your bf/gf from high school, this new freedom opens up lots of new doors for your relationship.  There aren’t any parents around, there’s no curfew and the world is your oyster! With that being said, it’s important to talk with your SO and make sure both of you are on the same page.

2. You’ll be living closer together. Especially if you’re at a small school like WVWC. Your bae will always be a short walk away and this can bring you guys closer or it could make you sick of each other. Set some boundaries if you’re worried about preserving time for yourself and for new friends.

3. You might find yourself a lot busier than you planned. Classes can get pretty stressful, and your SO will probably experience this too. Schedule time to get your homework done and don’t be afraid to take time for yourself. Some days you may not be able to see your bf/gf, but when you do get stressed, spending a little time with them can be great relief.

4. You’ll meet all kinds of new people. Chances are, you and your SO went to high school with all the same classmates for a number of years. When you come to college you’re both bound to meet a ton of awesome people. You should both try to build healthy friendships outside of your relationship so you don’t get bored with one another and so you have a support group to turn to whenever you need it. It’s also okay to make friends of the opposite gender; if this causes tension in your relationship, make sure you and your partner are always honest with each other and you talk about concerns you have as soon as they come up.

5. There are loads of new opportunities to take advantage of in college. Clubs, service groups, Greek life, interesting classes, you name it. Getting out and getting involved in college is important! Through engagement in college life, you can learn a lot about yourself and your SO can, too. As a couple, you might realize that you have more to bond over or you might drift apart.

While you grow and change as an individual, you might find that your relationship from high school just isn’t right for you anymore and that’s okay. You shouldn’t have to feel held back when you’re just starting your life as an independent adult. Trust yourself because when it comes down to it, college is for broadening your horizons and building the best foundation possible for your future. 

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