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5 Indie Rock Albums For Studying

When studying I find it best to have enough of a beat to keep me focused, but a chill enough atmosphere to reduce stress. I feel Indie Rock does this for me. Here are some interesting albums that (may) keep you from singing along and will help you preserve focus while studying! 

1. Børns: Dopamine (2015)

The BØRNS website states: “Dopamine is released when you are longing for something, the desire of a reward—it’s the fantasy in your mind. All the songs are inspired by a chemical connection to a lover, so dopamine is the all-encompassing theme.” The site also describes how vintage Playboy magazines helped inspire his music. Garret Borns, a Michigan native, often sings in a higher range and keeps a consistent downbeat in his music.

2. The Paper Kites: twelvefour (2015)

The Paper Kites recently released On The Corner Where You Live in 2018, however, I find that twelvefour is an even more excellent study album. It’s ringing guitar, strong indie influences, and consistent mood are fantastic for preserving focus.

3. Fleet Foxes: Fleet Foxes (2008)

Fleet Foxes offer a gentler electric sound with calming songs like “White Winter Hymnal” and “Blue Ridge Mountains.” Their harmonies are hauntingly beautiful and their style is guaranteed to lower stress.

4. Birdtalker: One (2018)

Released this year, One includes earlier hits like “Heavy” and explores new styles with songs like “Autodomesticated Animal.” The duo offer beautiful harmony and important lyrics that cry out for reflection.

5. Of Monsters and Men: Beneath the Skin (2015)

This Icelandic band has been around since 2010, establishing itself as a well-known Indie Rock band. Lead singer Nanna offers urgent, higher range vocals, and lyrics that speak to the individual. Often containing very natural themes about the body and environment, each album is a new emotional experience.




Class of 2020 Communication Studies major at West Virginia Wesleyan College from Flemington, WV. 
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