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5 Dos and Don’ts of the Spring Break Slim Down

With Spring Break quickly approaching everyone is trying to lose some of their extra weight. And while all of those holiday feasts, and Christmas cookies seemed like a great idea in the winter months when we were bundled up in sweaters, we now have to face the reality that spring is on its way, and our bodies need to be beach ready. Here are some quick Dos and Don’ts to keep in mind while you are trying to prepare for bikini season.



Do: Exercise

There is nothing wrong with working out every day, or even getting some two-a-days in every now and then. Exercise is essential to losing weight and toning up those trouble spots.

Don’t: Over Exert Your Body

While working out is a great calorie burner, you can overdo it. So even if you are torching your calories and don’t want to stop, if you are experiencing pain or numbness, it might be time to day a day off. It’s always better to take a day of rest than to get an injury and be out for weeks.



Do: Snack Often

Doctors and nutritionists say small, healthy snacks about 6 times a day are a great way to boost your metabolism and keep your body burning calories all day. Try a handful of almonds, some veggies, or Greek yogurt to keep you going strong.

Don’t: Starve Yourself

Depriving your body of food is not a good way to lose weight for two main reasons. First, your body needs food to stay healthy, immune to sickness, and to keep your energy levels in the right place. Second, not eating slows your metabolism, so when you do finally have to break down and eat your body stores all of the food as fat because it thinks you are starving.



Do: Sleep

Sleep is proven to help you lose weight because if your body is full of energy, you will be able to do the things you need to do in order to lose weight. With energy, your body will be at its best and be able to help you power through your exercises and your day.

Don’t: Run On Empty

We are all busy, but when your body doesn’t have enough rest it begins to slowly shut down, which shuts down the rest of your functions as well. Your body needs to be rested to do its job for you.



Do: Wake Up

Waking up early and having breakfast helps your body get a strong start to the day and makes your metabolism wake up and start working sooner, so more calories can be burnt.

Don’t: Lay Around

Sitting and watching TV or doing something without motion for long periods of time slows the heart rate, and when your body gets too comfortable resting, it is harder for it to get back to where it was. Take little breaks if you are sitting and doing homework. Walk around and say hello to some friends. Sit on a yoga ball and bounce, or even take jumping jacks breaks so your body can stay in motion.



Do: Drink Water

There is research for and against drinking large amounts water, but whatever amount you decide is best for you, the bottom line is water is good.

Don’t: Drink Soda

Even if it has the word “Diet” in the label, soda is full of sugars and sodium. Soda has also been linked to deterioration of knee cartilage and cancers. Not to mention the terror soda is on your teeth. If you want to lose weight, dropping soda for some herbal tea or black coffee is definitely a healthier choice. 


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