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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WVWC chapter.

With midterms around the corner you may be in need of a genuine good laugh. No matter what type of comedy cheers you up, these clean comedy artists are guaranteed to lighten the mid semester mood.

1.      John Mulaney- “New In Town”

Broadway actor, SNL writer, and stand-up comedian John Mulaney may not be a household name yet, but he certainly will be soon. He now has 3 Netflix specials and his stand up show “New In Town,” is an absolute must see. From stories about Ice T’s questions on Law & Order: SVU, to debates on what is the worst word, you will find his comedy relatable and refreshing.

2. Brian Regan- “Brian Regan Live”

Don’t know whether to say “take care,” or “good luck?” Brian Regan might tell you to “take luck!” Brian Regan uses observation and sarcasm to reflect on his life and the world around us. He just recently had a Netflix special released titled “Nunchucks and Flamethrowers,” but his Live album is one of the best examples of his clean, reflective comedy.

 3.  Carl Barron- “A One-Ended Stick”


Australian comedian Carl Barron loves to observe everyday life and tell of his worldly travels with his accent. In his 2013 special, “A One-Ended Stick,” Barron might change your opinion on abs, and he even plays guitar.


 4. Mike Birbiglia- “Sleepwalk With Me Live”


In “Sleepwalk With Me,” Mike Birbiglia describes his life in Catholic School, his bladder biopsy, and his recurring dreams. He now has 3 shows available on Netflix all of which you are guaranteed laughs.


5.   Kevin Fredericks- “Funny In Real Life”


                You may have never heard of Kevin Fredericks but his Youtube Channel KevOnStage offers some of the best short reflections of the world today. He’s on tour now throughout the country and just released his first comedy special “Funny In Real Life.” Whether he’s blessing Halloween decorations, snuggling Texas Roadhouse rolls, or telling us the real recipe to macaroni cheese, Kevin Fredericks offer clean, relatable content for every viewer.





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