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WVU Striped the Stadium

This weekend, West Virginia University made an attempt to “stripe the stadium”. Their goal was to have each section alternate colors by wearing either blue or gold. The instructions were found online and spread throughout social media for the past few weeks. Even the student section was included in this attempt. 
A lot of students were skeptical, because to make more than 60,000 people unite to make this work sounds close to impossible. Kaitlyn Barger, a senior Exercise Physiology major said, “it shows how true our fans are that everyone came out and showed their school spirit for our Big 12 opener”.
Fans at the game were posting picture after picture of the stadium on Saturday afternoon. Fans that watched at home were also impressed at the fans ability to cooperate with the administration. Since the fan base pulled this off, there is no limit to the measures they’ll go to to show their mountaineer pride.

Tori is a senior at West Virginia University. She majors in Advertising and aspires to work in a big advertising agency after graduation. Tori was both Social Chair and Public Relations Chair for her sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma. She enjoys being involved in different organizations at WVU. Originally from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Tori was born and raised a Mountaineer. She loves to hang out with friends and be social. Tori would describe herself as outgoing, passionate, and motivated.
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