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WVU Game Day Outfits

Everybody has been to that point where you have absolutely no idea what you are going to wear for game day. The anxiety that can come with creating the perfect blue and gold combination can be extremely overwhelming. So, here are some tips on what one could throw together last minute for the perfect game day outfit! 


Chic and Sassy

You can transform a long sleeve t-shirt into a dress. Cut the sleeves, then tie them together in the back, and then sew it together. This process takes about 15 minutes total.  Then accessorize it with a cardigan, jacket, some kicks and your favorite WVU hat!

Cute and Simple

Forever 21 may be hit or miss, yet they do have the colors gold and blue. Find a cute top in either color, match it with some shorts or jeans, add a statement necklace or scarf, and you are still representing school pride in a trendy outfit.



West Virginia Tacky

From golden blue striped overalls to big tutus, you can show your school pride by finding these items at the party store on Evansdale. Stand out and wear an outfit that will have you become the life of the tailgate.


Casual and Comfortable

This outfit consists of whatever high-waited jean shorts you own, comfy flip-flops and your favorite WVU t-shirt or tank. You can tuck in the tank, or maybe cut the shirt so it is cropped and adds your own personality!

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