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Why Tattoos Aren’t Scary, From an Ink Veteran

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WVU chapter.

Admit it. You’ve looked at the girl walking in front of you, staring at her tats. Thinking to yourself how much you want one. Longing and wishing that you had the courage to get tattoos yourself. Well guess what? They’re really not that bad and I’m going to tell you exactly why you need to get over your fear of tattoos right now.


1. “It will look bad when you’re older”

WRONG. Tattoos are for you and no one else. If you made every decision right now due to what might happen when you’ve collected some wrinkles, you would drive yourself insane. You need to do things that make you happy, and if getting a tattoo is one of them then do it. Who cares what you look like when you’re 60?

2. “It will hurt so bad!”

Again… WRONG. The amount of pain from a tattoo totally depends on the area. That being said, no area is going to be gut wrenching, unbearable pain. If you’re really that worried about it, try getting an upper back, forearm, thigh or bicep piece first. Those are the least painful spots and trust me, a little bit of pain is worth it.

3. “What if I don’t like it later?”

This is a totally reasonable fear (all of them are). But, something that might ease your mind is waiting. Draw or print exactly what you want and pin it up somewhere in your room. Look at it every single day. If after a year you’re still in love, then that’s the ink for you! 



4. “My parents will kill me.”

This is one of the most common fears that people have. Everyone just wants their parents to be happy, we get it. Someday though, you have to do things for you. If you want a tat, GET IT. It is your body, and your life. This life is way too short to deny yourself happiness. 

If you’re still scared after reading all of this, just think it through. Tattoos are very empowering, but there are plenty of ways to get that high. Find where your fear is coming from and decide whehter or not you still want to go through with it. Getting ink isn’t for everyone, but it can be. Just make sure you’re doing the research and getting exactly what you want. You’ll thank yourself later. 


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