Why I Don't Wear Heels

Before I explain my reasoning, I will start off by saying there is an occasion for heels: date parties, formals, possibly to complete an outfit on Saturday. Heels can be acceptable when it is the right time and at the right place. But at the end of the day I truly believe wearing heels in this town is absurd. 

First off, we live in West Virginia. Call me crazy but I would not consider West Virginia the mecca of fashion. Dressing in little black dresses and Steve Madden heels seems overdone for this state. When moving here I pictured going out in casual clothes, not Cellar Wednesdays in clothes that would make most fathers cringe. It is too much for a state where camo is sold regularly. 

Second, the streets of Morgantown aren’t made for heels. The streets are unpaved, have pot holes, and unsafe for heels. I think many of you reading this can agree that a decent amount of your shoes have been ruined and your money essentially wasted. It’s not unheard of for heels to last one night then succumb to the wrath of Morgantown streets. 

Finally, we live on a mountain. Simple as that. Would you hike in heels? Absolutely not. There is nothing more absurd than seeing girls wobble down frat row in six inches heels. Be realistic.

Heels aren’t meant for hills.