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Why a Drunk Friend is Always Needed


Drinking friends? We all have them. They’re your favorite person to go out with, and the first person you text to find out where you’re going that night. And the prerequisite for going out isn’t what day are we going out? But, what are we drinking tonight?  So you meet up for the pregame, drink up, and head out. But there are certain things that make these friends stand out from the rest that make them the best type of person to go out and drink with:


– They’re automatically always down to be your partner in crime for the night

– You never fail to have a great time with them when you’re out, regardless of where you are or what you’re doing

– They’re always down to have a not so impromptu photo shoot so you can post a ‘candid’ picture with them on Instagram the next day

– Whether you want to go bar to bar that night, or hop to all of the parties going on, they’re always willing to go anywhere with you

–  You can dance like nobody’s watching and instead of stopping you; they’d join you 

– If one of you has a little too much fun that night the other is immediately there to help you home

– If you’re trying to avoid someone that night, they act as a great exit strategy

– Once you realize it’s time to go home they’ll make that last pit stop to get your drunk food of choice

– The next day, you have someone to wallow in your hangover with

– You’ll have some of your best memories with them throughout your college years 

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