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Why diverse candidate representation will matter this midterm election

In recent elections, history has been made for minority candidates across the country. America has seen people of color, women and LGBTQ+ folks run for positions of leadership more than ever. 

This glimmer of hope is only growing in the upcoming midterms. This year, yet again, there will be a record number of “underdogs” running in the election. These politicians will be seen on ballots for all facets of government across the nation, including federal and local elections. 

Among these candidates, potential game-changers include the first Muslim and Native American women for Congress, the first transgender governor and the first openly gay male governor.

The race for representation has especially expanded since Trump was elected into office. His policies have motivated the minority to run. 

The so-called ‘Rainbow Wave’ of LGBTQ+ candidates is especially prevalent this election. 

Recently, it was released that the Trump administration wants to undermine the progress made for transgender people in America by defining gender as a biological condition determined by genitalia at birth. This will completely change the way the Department of Health and Human Services handles transgender patients. President Trump’s action will potentially eliminate the standard rights and privileges of transgender American citizens.  

With this being said, voting for the wave of LGBTQ+ members in government can use power to prevent this from happening. 

Candidates are asking for change in a very immediate way. By broadcasting their real-life struggles and experiences as minorities in America, they not only want to legitimize these issues, but take action so that these struggles can be prevented in the future. 

There is question whether or not this surge of representation in the government will fizzle out with the changing dynamic of the country or be the beginning of a long-lasting trend.  

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Olivia Gianettino is a freshman honors journalism student at West Virginia University. Besides writing, she loves playing the banjo, making crafts and doing yoga. She is a year-round Halloween enthusiast and sports a pair of yellow Crocs everywhere she goes.
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