Why Catcalling is Never Okay

“Yo girl… Can I get your number? You’re looking fine.”

“Hey sweetheart, walk back here with those legs! Come party with us!”

“Hey babe, where you headed? You’re beautiful, come back!”

To catcall is to make a whistle, shout, or comment of a sexual nature to a woman passing by.

Women of the world face this demeaning act daily, whether they are walking to work, to the bus stop or to their residence.

Catcalling is looked at as something amusing or comical, but rarely is ever a topic of scrutiny. Obviously, there are women against this issue because it directly affects them, but most people turn a blind eye to this matter.

It takes about three seconds to catcall. It takes seconds for someone to stick their head out of a window and yell a derogative comment in passing. Most people believe that realistically, since the occurrence only lasts a matter of moments, that the victim should move on just as fast. But, this isn’t the case.

Catcalls make you take a step back and look at yourself. You’d think that the remarks made to you would make you feel good. Someone told you that your long legs were stunning or that you are sexy. The person yelling those things believes that you should be honored they yelled that. But in reality, it is disgusting. It is demeaning. Lastly, it is cowardly.

If we are speaking of a typical catcall, it usually begins with a man yelling something at a woman from their home or car as she walks by. The woman does not show the man attention or acknowledges his compliments, so he gets infuriated. He yells things off the top of his head. He insults the woman. He gets frustrated and his pride is hurt.

The catcaller lost his power when the victim refused to respond. So, in response he insults the victim to regain the alpha male status. A catcall may not always go this way, but most situations play out like the one described.

How can women not feel degraded when catcalled? When they know the person’s compliment is empty and attention seeking? When the catcaller will snap once he receives no response? Also, since when is a stranger speaking to you and expecting a response ever something that is considered okay? Remember, mama said do not talk to strangers.

Overall, the issue of catcalling is absolutely disgusting and utterly ridiculous. Whatever happened to respect? Chivalry? Common decency?

This is why catcalling is never okay.