Why Being an Unexpected Sorority Girl is a Good Thing

1. The Sisterhood

Starting the recruitment process could be stressful for some, and something to try out for others. Seeing the sisters within a sorority unite and display their true feelings for each other at the events we attend make PNM’s (Potential New Members) want that kind of relationship too.



2. The Parties and Formals

When you join a sorority you always have a formal to go to, going out plans and date parties. It’s just something you can’t do when you aren’t part of a sorority.




3. The Philanthropy

I had no idea what a philanthropy was when I was going into recruitment, but I soon learned it meant the organization that the sorority supports. A big part of Greek life is each chapter's philanthropy and hosting/attending events to benefit that organization. It’ll make you want to help out!




4. Life Long Friends

When you join a sorority you meet 90+ girls who are now your “sisters” and will do anything for you just simply because you are in the same sorority! After bid day you’ll probably get 90+ new Instagram followers from all of your new sisters which is a bonus.




5. Campus Involvement

Being involved on campus will look good on any resume. Sororities do so many things for the community, and that can definitely be promoted during an interview. It’s a bonus if you get a leadership position within the sorority because they take on more responsibility and involvement.