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What Your Favorite WVU Coffee Shop Says About You

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West Virginia University is renowned for its academic excellence and vibrant coffee culture. With numerous coffee shops scattered across the campus, each offering unique ambiance and flavors, choosing where to grab your daily dose of caffeine can reveal intriguing insights into your personality and preferences. Let’s take a closer look at what your favorite WVU coffee shop says about you:

Jazzman’s: If you’re a regular at Jazzman’s, located conveniently in the Mountainlair, you’ll likely appreciate convenience and efficiency. Jazzman’s is perfect for those always on the move, offering quick treats and drinks that can be easily grabbed while rushing between classes or meetings. You value functionality and practicality in your choices and enjoy the simplicity of catching something on the go.

Einstein Bros. Bagels: Einstein Bros. Bagels attracts a specific type of individual. If this is your go-to spot, you’re likely someone who values tradition and reliability. You appreciate the classic combination of bagels and coffee, and you’re drawn to the familiarity of this popular chain. You have a knack for time management and prefer to stick to tried-and-true options that satisfy your cravings.

Starbucks at UPlace: Making the trek to Starbucks at UPlace showcases your dedication and determination. Situated atop the hills of WVU, this Starbucks location requires a bit of effort to reach, but it’s worth it for you. You’re committed to your routines and rituals; nothing will stop you and your favorite Starbucks beverage. You thrive on challenges and enjoy the accomplishment of conquering obstacles, even if they’re as simple as climbing a hill for your morning coffee.

Blue Moose Café: Choosing Blue Moose Café as your favorite spot reveals a lot about your personality. Known for its trendy ambiance and peaceful atmosphere, Blue Moose Café is the go-to destination for students who appreciate style and substance. If you find yourself drawn to this café, you likely enjoy the finer things in life and value tranquility and peace of mind. You prefer to study and socialize in environments conducive to relaxation and creativity.

Your favorite WVU coffee shop speaks volumes about who you are as an individual. Whether you prioritize convenience, tradition, dedication, or tranquility, a coffee shop on campus perfectly aligns with your personality and preferences. So, the next time you need a caffeine fix, take a moment to reflect on what your choice says about you.

Talia is a journalism student at WVU who enjoys writing about Fashion, Pop Culture, and Beauty trends.