Watch these internet personalities to help you laugh through a stressful week

Having a stressful week can be the worst when I’m overwhelmed with what seems like a million things to do. Taking 20 minutes out of my day to relax and watch funny videos from my favorite internet personalities helps me laugh through the stress–and gives me an excuse to procrastinate even more.

Sit back, relax and tune in to these internet personalities.

1. Jennxpenn

Jenn McAllister makes random comedy videos based on current trends. Some of her popular videos include letting her postmate buy her outfits and cringing to kids’ videos on Tik Tok. Any video Jenn makes is bound to make you laugh if you have a sense of humor like hers.

2. HeyParis

Paris is a Canada native that generally makes “storytime” videos about things that happen to her throughout her life. Her personality and sense of humor make almost every video funny whether she intends it to be or not. Some of my favorite videos from her are her reaction videos- they almost always have me in tears laughing. 3. Denzel Dion

Denzel is full of personality and attitude, so if you enjoy humor like his, then you’ll love his content. He posts videos such as reactions, best and worst dressed (where he fully roasts almost everyone featured in the video), and mukbangs. I personally love watching the roasting outfits videos because that’s where his humor and personality really show.


4. Chris Klemens

I recently discovered Chris’ vidoes and I haven’t missed a video since I subscribed. He’s another creator that just has a comedic vibe in his personality. He does many videos interviewing strangers on the streets of Los Angeles, dying his hair different colors and patterns, prank calls and vlogs. He is one of the many comedy creators that has an editing style used to enhance funny situations, like zooming in and using distorting filters to make a clip funnier. 5. David Dobrik

All of David’s videos are exactly 4 minutes and 20 seconds. His videos are all vlog style, and have lots of jump cuts of his daily life. His content includes making jokes with his friends, pranks, and just doing crazy things to entertain his viewers. Some of his most popular videos are titled with “clickbait” that has to do with something within the video, to make viewers become curious. David never fails to make me or his other 9.2 million subscribers laugh with his vlogs. 6. RiceGum

RiceGum gained popularity fairly quickly by making reaction and roast videos. Now, he has reached 10.8 million subscribers, and lives in the “clout house” with several other popular Youtubers. RiceGum sometimes vlogs his life in the Clout House, doing crazy pranks and making comedy. The videos that made him popular are part of the series “These kids must be stopped,” where he watches cringey videos of kids on and other apps, roasting them with his humor and skits.


7. Tana Mongeau

Love her or hate her, Tana’s dirty humor is pretty entertaining. Her type of comedy might not be for everyone, but her personality comes through in her story time, makeup recreation and roasting videos.


8. Ayydubs

With 1.2 million subscribers, Alyx creates content to make her viewers laugh. She makes videos for several series such as “Hidden camera uber pranks”. You can tell that Alyx isn’t afraid to act and be weird in front of strangers, making the videos hilarious and a little bit cringey. She has a comedic personality that makes any video funny.