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Valentine’s Day for Your Man

For those of you who have a man… are you struggling to find a gift? You don’t want to give him something serious- it might freak him out. But even a joke gift, funny as it may be now, might make you feel stupid after he unwraps it.

What about a surprise gift? Here are some ideas for something that you both will enjoy.

Sex in the City’s  Samantha, for example, chose to surprise her man with a dinner- homemade dinner all over her body and leaving herself for dessert. Some other women choose a more traditional (but much less fun) approach of taking their boyfriend out for dinner.

We can’t all be Samantha; who has the patience to roll homemade sushi? But we all wish we were a little more creative and spontaneous than plain Jane dinner date girl. Try these ideas that’ll make it a great Valentine’s Day…for both of you!

For the artsy guy…
• Morgantown may not be the best spot for art museums and creative scenes, but Pittsburgh is right next door! The Carnegie Museum of Art and The Andy Warhol Museum are the two biggest museums there, but there are lots of smaller galleries over the city. Follow the gallery date with lunch in Pittsburgh’s Shadyside shopping district, and he’ll be dying to make you his art project for the night.

For the outdoors/athletic guy…
• Lucky you! What better place is there than West Virginia to be dating a guy who absolutely loves the outdoors? Wisp Resort is only 45 minutes away and is the best place to go to get your man moving. Snowboarding, skiing, snow tubing and ice skating are all fun activities to brighten up the winter blues. Wisp also offers snow-shoeing, or you can rent two snow mobiles and spend the day racing each other.
• Don’t have the money to take your man on an all day adventure? (Who does really?) No worries! We live in Morgantown… grab a sled or a cardboard box and find a hill. He’ll adore you for making the effort.
• Is your guy more of the hunting and fishing type? Ice fishers are regular at Deep Creek lake near Wisp. If you’re willing to wait all day by a hole in the ice for a fish to swim by… you’re a great girlfriend and deserve the best Valentine’s Day gift.

For the guy that won’t have anything to do with you if there’s a game on…
• Although we would all like to consider these boys athletic, throwing empty Natty cans at the TV when the other team intercepts a throw isn’t exactly the same as throwing a football. That said, he might not be down for racing snow mobiles or going snow tubing.
• Does he like trucks? Monster Jam – the thing where the huge, ugly trucks destroy things- will be in Pittsburgh on the 12th.

• Is he a hockey lover? The Pittsburgh Penguins have a game on Thursday, February 10th. Yes, it’s slightly before the official V-Day, but that gives him a chance to do something nice for you on the 14th.
• If you don’t feel like driving to Pittsburgh on a Thursday night, our very own Mountaineer men are playing an away game against Syracuse that night. Take him to a bar downtown to watch the game.
• The adrenaline of watching a game will definitely get his testosterone pumping, making it a great night for you.

For the music lover…
• Surprise him with tickets for February 25th to the Snoop Dog and Wiz Khalifa concert. Rick Ross is performing in Ohio at the Covelli Centre on Friday, February 11th.
• Hip Hop not quite his thing? HelloGoodbye and Bon Jovi are set to play in Pittsburgh around V-Day. Maybe he’ll surprise you with Lady Gaga tickets for the 26th! Have him read this and hopefully he’ll get the hint…

For the romantic…
• Does your man remind you of Noah from The Notebook or Peter from I Love You Man? These loveable guys will appreciate anything that you put some thought into.

• What says romance more than a candle lit dinner and a bottle of wine? Cooking at home will show him how much you care as opposed to taking him to a local restaurant. Find a recipe with libido-increasing foods such as avocado, nuts, oysters, fish, bananas, pumpkin or of course, chocolate – it could make the night a little more romantic.

Don’t have a man?
• We don’t need one! Take the Friends approach like Rachel, Monica and Phoebe when they burned all the memories of past relationships… they ended up meeting firefighters!

It’s no secret that men hate this holiday. Take the pressure off them and do a little planning yourself. They’ll appreciate the weight off their shoulders.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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