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The Unspoken Rules of Shacking

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at WVU chapter.

It’s college, we’re young and there’s vodka, and sometimes you end up in a bed you shouldn’t (or should) be in. It happens. But once it happens and the fun stops, shacking becomes the scene. Now, as the title states, these rules should be unspoken. Yet many of us know people, or could be those people, who don’t know these exact rules and how they should be applied. HerWVU is here to speak the rules of the unspeakable!

Note: These rules apply to both men and women

Leave early, never overstay the welcome.

Don’t wake them up if they are sleeping.

Unless, you’re not in walking distance and they have a car, then a gentle nudge will be accepted.

Halloween is the absolute worse time to shack, they won’t know your name they’ll know you as the bumblebee and you have to walk home in a costume. Avoid at all cost.

Don’t kiss goodbye, the morning after usually entails bad breath and awkwardness, don’t make it worse!

You can leave your heels behind, especially if walking. 

If they provide shacker clothes don’t take anything nice. A old t-shirt is better than walking home in an LBD, be thankful.

Don’t take frat letters, the poor guys don’t have many.

You don’t need to take clothes back unless asked, hint why you don’t take their nice clothes!

If you wore extra revealing clothes, try to find something, anything to cover up with.

Walk quick and on unpopular roads home.

When you’re home, it’s okay to laugh at yourself a little.

Moral of the story: If you’re shacking, in and out.