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The Truth About Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is coming up, you guys, and you know what that means? A lot of people over-romanticizing the holiday.



“But Penny?” you say, “Isn’t this a romantic holiday? Shouldn’t it be romanticized?”



Well, no.



If you are or have ever been in a romantic relationship, then you can agree that Valentine’s Day is a nice day to do something cute for your significant other, but let me pose this question:



What if the only time you and your significant other were romantic towards each other was Valentine’s Day?



Yeah, that would suck.



If you’re in a relationship, you should be showing your significant other the attention and love that you do on Valentine’s Day all year round. Valentine’s Day should just be a day where you do the same cute stuff you would typically do, but this time all pink and red and stuff.



You should always show the people you care about that you care about them and simply take opportunities like Valentines to show them you care but with a theme.



Now that I’ve addressed those who’re dating people, let's talk about the people who aren’t.



#foreveralone amiright?



1. No. That’s a stupid phrase just don’t say it.


2. Not being in a relationship on Valentine’s Day isn’t the end of the world STOP being so dramatic.



Seriously, not having a sweetheart on V-Day doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate it!



When we were little, Valentine’s Day at school was the best, and you wanna know why that is?



Because as children we were smarter than we are now.



We knew that there would be a tomorrow is today wasn’t good, we knew that we’re growing up and it’s okay to make mistakes, and we knew that our parents were superheroes.



Most importantly, however, we knew that Valentine’s Day was a day about having fun with friends, funny cards, and eating candy.



So why does Valentine’s Day as adults have to be any different? Why do we have to think our Valentine’s Day isn’t good because we aren’t spending it romantically?



Go out with your friends and celebrate!



Print out some meme Valentines and give them to the people you care about!



Buy all the chocolate and FunDip Valentines you can and hand them out! Or just eat them! Whatever makes you happy.



Because all in all, Valentine’s Day isn’t a day to celebrate romantic love, but love in general. So don’t focus on being over-affectionate to your significant other, or bummed because you don’t have one. This year, spend Valentine’s Day to show the people you love that you love them, and I promise this year will be your best Valentines Day yet.

Penelope De La Cruz is a freshman journalism student at WVU. She is a news staff writer for the Daily Athenaeum, and a writer for Her Campus. She plays clarinet for the Pride of West Virginia, and bassoon for the WVU Symphonic Band. She also a member of other student organization including the American Association of University Women, the Animal Awareness Club, Mountaineer Catholic, Culturas WVU, and the WVU Bassoon Studio. To contact Penelope you can email her at pid0002@mix.wvu.edu or follow her Twitter: @penelopeidlc
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