Top 10 Instagram Accounts You Should Follow Right Now

Insta is a great way to stay in touch with old friends, post pictures with new friends, creep on your ex’s new gf, express yourself through fire captions, and so on. But if you’re looking for some random eye candy to freshen up your feed, here are some cool suggestions I’ve come across:

1. @sonyalpha

For those of you who love the outdoors, but can never really make trips into the wilderness, prepare to live vicariously through the Sony|Alpha account. There are so many beautiful pictures that can brighten up your feed any day, or just creep to get some travel inspo for that next weekend getaway (even if it’s not going to be until after you graduate).

2. @katzuka

This is another wilderness photography page, but the person that runs the account is only 18… So yes you’re going to be jealous of his life, and you’re also going to wonder when you can drop out and live a life like him, but you’ll also be able to easily fawn over how beautiful the world can be while checking your feed in calc class.

3. @tdkamp11

If you love art accounts, this is the one for you. Tyler Hollencamp is a talented artist that posts incredible black and white pieces. He is spectacular at shading, but also has some geometric works that are super cool.

4. @olganoskovaa

This is for the foodies. Olga Noskova is a Russian cake decorator that posts pictures and videos of her method of icing perfect, mirrored cakes. It’s hypnotizing.


5. @chicstreetstyle

The woman that runs this account, Brenna, also has a blog, and she posts pics of her outfits on Instagram. She has a really trendy style, and even posts in her caption where you can buy the exact pieces she wears. This account rocks because all of the looks are really doable, but they also aren’t incredibly expensive.


6. @robdraper1

This calligraphy account is really cool because the artist does a lot of his lettering on abnormal surfaces (cups, plates, post-its, etc.). It’s so satisfying to see his letter design really pop out of the medium he writes on.

7. @seblester

Seb Lester also has a calligraphy account, but his is slightly different because he posts mesmerizing videos of him recreating logos perfectly. 10/10 would recommend you hitting his follow button.

8. @mistyonpointe

For those of you that love ballet and/or need some fitness bod goals, Misty Copeland is your girl. She posts pictures of her in leotards and workout clothes (not only is she a principle dancer at the American Ballet Theatre, she’s sponsored by Under Armour), but also posts videos of her and her partners doing incredible dances.

9. @billnye

Honestly, duh?

10. @hercampuswvu

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