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Tooth Polish: A Trend Taking Instagram by Storm

Forget polishing your fingers and toes and take a look at the new beauty trend that is taking the nation by storm – polishing your teeth. A term typically thought of as a way to keep up your dental hygiene is now hitting the streets in a new form of high fashion.

A company called CHRŌM recently developed a tooth polish that works similarly to nail polish. You can apply the product to your teeth with a little brush and remove it just as easily by brushing your teeth with your regular toothpaste. The tooth polish gives you a colorful and unique grin for the day – perfect for music festivals, parties or even just a fun flair to your everyday look. You can paint all of your teeth for a statement look, or just one or two for a subtle, yet eye-catching approach.

David Silverstein, the creator of CHRŌM Temporary Tooth Polish explains, “We realized that in the world of fashion, virtually everything has already been tried, with women and men pushing the boundaries of fashion in ways that were unimaginable only a few years ago. We’ve seen fashion trend-setters change the color of their hair with dyes, their skin with tattoos and body paints, and eyes with contact lenses. We feel that CHRŌM enables these creative beauty artisans in pushing limits in a new way which is additive to a movement that has been evolving since the beginning of time and continues to evolve today.”

Their website claims that the polish lasts for up to 24 hours. It also does not smudge when you are eating and has no taste. David Silverstein tells the New York Post that the product is compliant with the Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act, and therefore “100 percent safe”. He also states that the product is not permanent and will not stain your teeth, however, this product should not be used for everyday wear.

They currently have 14 shades available: Glitterati Party, Glitterati Gold, Glitterati CHRŌM, Pearly Whites, Gold Dust, 24 Karat, Penny, Platinum, Fairy Dust, Candy Floss, Mint, Baby Blue, Pretty in Pink and Sunshine. These colors have differing finishes from glitter, matte and metallic. The prices range from $18-$22 for single packages and $50 for a set of four.

What do the people have to say? Manny Mua, a popular beauty influencer on YouTube, did a review of these products. He said that the smell was very strong and it “definitely feels like there is something on your tooth, kind of like a film”. He found some of the colors to be duds, such as the Glitterati Gold and Pretty in Pink, while he adored the colors like Glitterati CHRŌM and 24 Karat. Manny also found the removal process to be easy and painless. Overall, he said he would not purchase the product again, mainly due to the fact that it was uncomfortable on his teeth, and that he only liked the Glitterati CHRŌM as an accent tooth. However, he did think this was a “fun and different” product.

If you’ve ever wished for a glittery grill for the day, a shining gold tooth or even just a new way to stand out, this might be the perfect product for you.

A sophomore at WVU studying forensic and investigative science. I enjoy group exercise, cooking, and all things beauty related.
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